How to publish Code on Python for fun?

Welcome to Python for fun! Having trouble publishing your code? Don’t worry. We’ve explained how to publish your code with ease in this post.


(If you have registered on “Python for fun” already, you can skip to “Step-3”.)

Step 1: Register yourself by clicking the “Register” option on the “Python for fun” Homepage and you will be redirected to the Register form.


Step 2: Fill in your details and click “Register”.



Step 3: Login to your account using “Login” option on the “Python for fun” Homepage.


Step 4: Enter your login details and click “Login”.

(If you don’t remember your login details, check your registered mail. We’ve sent your login details to your mail at the time of Registration.)



Step 5: A dashboard will be displayed similar to the one below.



Step 6: Click on “Posts” which is situated on the left side panel.



Step 7: You’ll see the “Add New” button at the top followed by a list of posts present on the website. Click the “Add New” button to add your code.



Step 8: Add the title of your code and select the “Edit with Elementor” button on the top.



Step 9: Select the “Settings icon” at the bottom of the left side panel and change the “Page layout” from “Default” to “Elementor Full Width”

(Note: The loading process could be slow sometimes. Please be patient.)



Step 10: You can see a change in the layout and will be displayed as shown below.



(For convenience and to generalize all the posts on the website, we have provided Default Templates in the Saved Templates section.)


Step 11: Click the “Add Template” icon and select the “My Templates” section.



Step 12: Insert the “Code Template” provided in the Saved Templates section.



Step 13: A pop up appears as asking whether to import document settings or not. Select “No” and proceed.



Step 14: Now, just click on each section to edit the Title, Content, and Code.



Step 15: Once you are done with Step-14, you can publish your code by clicking the “Publish” button present at the bottom of the left side panel.



Step 16: You can view the preview of your page by selecting the “View Page” option in the hamburger menu on the right top of the left side panel.



Step 17: You can exit to the dashboard by selecting the “Exit to Dashboard” option, followed by clicking the “WordPress icon” on the top left.



Congratulations! You have successfully published your Code on “Python for fun”.

Happy Coding!!!