Guess the Word!

A simple game code to play with your friends and win by guessing the right random word chosen by the computer.

Welcome to the code! Here’s a simple code to add multiple numbers for all the beginners to start with python programming.

In this code, the user is asked for the number of numbers to be added and the numbers that have to be added should be given by the user and the rest of the addition will be done through python programming.

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					import random 
# library that we use in order to choose  
# on random words from a list of words 
name = input("What is your name? ") 
# Here the user is asked to enter the name first 
print("Good Luck ! ", name) 
words = ['rainbow', 'computer', 'science', 'programming',  
         'python', 'mathematics', 'player', 'condition',  
         'reverse', 'water', 'board', 'geeks']  
# Function will choose one random 
# word from this list of words 
word = random.choice(words) 
print("Guess the characters") 
guesses = '' 
# any number of turns can be used here 
turns = 12
while turns > 0: 
    # counts the number of times a user fails 
    failed = 0
    # all characters from the input 
    # word taking one at a time. 
    for char in word:  
        # comparing that character with 
        # the character in guesses 
        if char in guesses:  
            # for every failure 1 will be 
            # incremented in failure 
            failed += 1
    if failed == 0: 
        # user will win the game if failure is 0 
        # and 'You Win' will be given as output 
        print("You Win")  
        # this print the correct word 
        print("The word is: ", word)  
    # if user has input the wrong alphabet then 
    # it will ask user to enter another alphabet 
    guess = input("guess a character:") 
    # every input character will be stored in guesses  
    guesses += guess  
    # check input with the character in word 
    if guess not in word: 
        turns -= 1
        # if the character doesn’t match the word 
        # then “Wrong” will be given as output  
        # this will print the number of 
        # turns left for the user 
        print("You have", + turns, 'more guesses') 
        if turns == 0: 
            print("You Loose")				
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